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My name is Dan Hayes and I am a free lance software architect specializing in building dynamic, single page web applications based upon the Angular.js Javascript SPA framework. Angular.js offers a 2-way binding model, a dependency injection container, a modular architecture, and a rich set of built-in services that make writing large single page web applications manageable for even the most sophisticated enterprise applications.

As an experienced Certified Java Enterprise Architect, I see Angular used in conjunction with server side Java technologies such as Spring running within Java Enterprise or Servlet containers. For companies with huge investments in these infrastructures, this is a logical combination that can yield outstanding results. However, the most exciting developments are occurring in environments that have opened the door to application development based entirely upon the MEAN Stack.

MEAN, which stands for Mongo DB, Express, Angular, and Node, is a compelling set of complimentary technologies that is challenging the traditional paradigms of web application development. Based upon the Javascript programming language, the MEAN technologies work together to deliver a highly productive, event driven programming model that fully supports the construction of highly interactive web interfaces. When combined with a responsive CSS layout library such as Twitter Bootstrap, the velocity of multi-device application development is taken to the next level.

Professional Opportunities

I am available for consulting opportunities on a full-time and part-time basis and equally comfortable in both hybrid (i.e. Angular + Java EE) or 100% Javascript (MEAN) environments. I also have access to a network of highly qualified Angular and Java resources for larger project work. If you would like to contact me further regarding professional opportunities, please reach out via Linked In.